Stoeterij het Swarte Paert

Unique, like Friesian horses

In the heart of the Friesian woods lies Stud farm Het Swarte Paert. In these surroundings, you can become acquainted with all the aspects of Friesian horses and its culture, history, breeding, sport and schooling.

In addition to organising lessons and courses, Stud farm Het Swarte Paert is ideal for visiting groups, who want to become acquainted with this breed; the only original domestic breed of horse in the Netherlands. It is characterized by its black colour, its fine delicate head, the gracefully rounded crest, the luscious mane, tail and fetlocks, as well as its imposing raised trot and its alert, friendly nature. They are horses with a rich history that we love telling you more about.

We have ample experience with arranging group visits, company and family gatherings, where we also take care of the catering. Coffee and snacks, lunches and dinners with local Friesian products, interspersed by shows with Friesian horses, accompanied by expert commentary. Our guests highly rate these diverse arrangements.

Hospitality, enthusiasm, expertise and customized solutions are very important to us. Furthermore, our accommodation is very suitable for disabled guests and offers ample parking space. We can also help you with the facilitation of your events such as courses, clinics and training sessions. And..we have high quality horses for sale on a regular basis.

Please do not hesitate to state your wishes on our contact form. We would be delighted to help you. For guided tours and visits, please call first!

1999 ~ 2019 

Stud farm Het Swarte Paert was opened on 1 October 1999 by Mr Loek Hermans, Minister for Education at the time and later the Royal Commissioner in Friesland. The realization of its construction originated in an initiative from a group of lovers of Friesian horses and of Leo Kraaijenbrink’s Friesian Four in Hand in particular. This four in hand had its home base in this architect-designed luxury complex. The Friesian Four in Hand has undoubtedly made an enormous contribution to the global promotion and popularity of the Friesian horse.

A number of years later, the establishment of the Fryso Huys provided a great stimulus to the use of Friesian horses in dressage competitions. Instructor to many, then and now, is Marc Peter Spahn, who was the first to compete at the highest level of dressage, the Grand Prix, with a Friesian horse. This honour goes to the Friesian breeding stallion Anders 451.

As of November 2015, Stud farm Het Swarte Paert has entered into a collaboration with the talented pair Udo de Haan and Daniëlla Smit. They have ample experience driving as well as riding and they have won many championships. For schooling, training, IBOP and sports, mainly with Friesian horses in the disciplines of dressage, driving and harness, Stud farm Het Swarte Paert is the right and reliable place to go.

In addition, we offer Aquatraining and rehabilitation for all breeds under expert supervision.

Next to the activities in the field of sports and breeding, organisers of events also appreciate the perfectly maintained accommodation, where they find Stud farm Het Swarte Paert the ideal location for the organisation of shows, clinics and courses.

The basis of Stud farm Het Swarte Paert is and always will be the maintenance and promotion of the Friesian horse and its rich cultural heritage. With guided tours, shows and training courses, our permanent team of employees hopes to be able to be of service to you for a long time to come.