Groupvisits ~ Shows & Tours

Possibilities shows & tours with approximate times. All demonstrations with Friesian horses. For arrangements in combination with catering please contact or 0031 (0)516-471717.

Visit by appointment only.

Demo dressage or ‘demo one-in-hand’ with freestyle on music ~ 30-45 min.

Friesian gig with corresponding Friesian costumes and horse ~ 15 min.

Friesian sleigh with corresponding Friesian costumes and horse ~ 15 min.

Demo ‘two-in-hand’ with the Friesian game ‘ringsteken’. Guests can ride along and participate ~ 30 min.

Tour with carriage ‘Jan Plezier’ up to 18 persons with tour guide telling about surroundings ~ 60-90 min.

Demo ‘two-in-hand’ with obstacle course. All guests are divided over teams who will participate in multiple competition elements ~ 60 min.

Show ‘four-in-hand’ – several guests can ride along ~ 30 min.

Compiled showprogram in consultation ~ 60-90 min.

Tour exhibition space and stables. Up to 45 persons with 1 tour guide ~ 60 min. Up to 90 persons with 2 tour guides ~ 60 min. Larger groups in consultation

Smaller groups Tour up to 5 persons € 50,– / More than 5 persons € 10,– pp extra ~ 60 min.

Tour through the woods with ‘two-in-hand’ – max. 4 adults. Only under good weather conditions ~ 45 min.

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