Simply put, the Aquatrainer is a treadmill in a closed-off space that can have water pumped into it. The speed of the treadmill can be adjusted as well as the depth of the water, which may reach a height of 1.20m.

The Aquatrainer is used for injured as well as healthy horses for rehabilitation or complementary to daily work.

The possibilities with this training have an enormous range. Think of the improvement of muscle strength, gait, space, agility, straightening, coordination, but also help for joint, tendon or bone problems.

All of the above takes place in a safe and controlled environment.

The great advantage of the Aquatrainer is that the horse gets moving again in the early stages of an injury. The upward force of the high water makes the horse become ‘lighter’ and there is less pressure on the leg injury (for example).

On the other hand, a horse with back problems can be trained soundly in a lower water level because the resistance of the water makes sure the horse utilizes its hindquarters and stomach muscles more, resulting in a better use of its back.

Instead of the usual muscle wastage during an injury, the horse is building its muscles, which provides relief for injuries and speeds up the return to its former condition.

However, this training is also very useful for healthy horses. Some examples are improvement of strength, muscular development, stride length, straightening, coordination, etc. etc…

The water has a low temperature, which cools the muscles and tendons during the training. In addition, the water is fresh for every horse without added chemicals.

Every horse has its own training programme with varying speeds and water levels.

During rehabilitation, we work with our specialized veterinarians and physiotherapist wherever necessary.